Masala Spice Box 1 PC

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Masala Spice Box
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Masala Spice Box 1 Piece
Masala Spice Box : Daily usage spice container for your kitchen Transparent view from Lid Ideal for Spice storage Package Contents: 1-Piece Spice Container and 7-Pieces Small Spice Container Airtight lid to preserve flavour .Keep your spices fresh and moisture-free LOCK AND SEAL MASALA BOX FREEZER SAFE 100%. A masala box (or masala dabbi, dabbe, or dabba) is a popular spice storage container widely used in Indian kitchens. A typical masala dabbi has a number of small cups, often seven, placed inside a round or square box. The modern boxes have transparent lids and display the contents inside. Usually a small spoon (approximately 1/2 teaspoon size) accompanies the box. The most popular and daily usage spices like mustard, chilli, garam masala, cumin, fenugreek, variety of grams, bishop's weed etc are stored in this box. Some antique masaladabbis are heirloom art objects, and are passed on in a family from generation to generation.

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