GRB Badam Drink 200 GM

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GRB Badam Drink
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GRB Badam Drink 200 Gm
GRB Badam Drink : This GRB mix is a huge hit with children. Most children have difficulties in consuming plain milk, so this mix comes in handy to all mothers as it is healthy, tasty and easy to mix. Mothers are happy to see their children drink nutritious Badam cold/hot milk instead of calorie rich carbonated drinks. Badam feast is a blend of skimmed-milk powder, sugar, finely ground almonds (badams), ground cardamom and saffron. Use this to make cold and hot drinks, ice cream and puddings. Badam Drink is an age-old classic Indian beverage. With all the goodness of almonds, it's revival can be seen in a can in the form of chilled GRB Badam drink.

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