Gopal Golden Mist Sambrani 1 Pc

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Gopal Golden Mist Sambrani
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Gopal Golden Mist Sambrani 1 Piece
Gopal Golden Mist Sambrani : Sambrani is called benzoin resin in English and it is the resin of a tree that is dried, powdered and sold in the markets, either as a powder or in blocks. Sambrani usage has been in the culture for many years and in fact every South Indian home will have sambrani holders that will be more than 100 years old. Many countries use sambrani, in Arab countries they use it directly and in some countries they use it in incense.To light up sambrani smoke, coal is collected in sambrani holder and the sambrani powder is sprinkled over it. You just love the smell of sambrani, it has a unique beautiful fragrance that is different from the normal incense sticks.

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