Isvaryam Marachekku Gingelly Oil 1 LTR

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Isvaryam Marachekku Gingelly Oil
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Isvaryam Marachekku Gingelly Oil 1 LTR
Isvaryam Marachekku Cold Press Gingelly Oil : Cold Pressed Sesame Oil / Gingelly Chekku Oil is extracted from very high quality raw sesame seeds and by adding palm jaggery (Palm Jaggery we are calling as Karuppatti in Tamil). There are no chemicals or essence added for colour, taste & aroma. 100% Unrefined pure vegetable oil. Sesame oil is used extensively in South Indian cooking. For thousands of years, it was observed to bring many health benefits. Sesame oil is also rich in oleic acid, the major constituent of olive oil. Sesame oil is an aid to digestion, stimulate blood circulation benefits the nervous system and has natural antioxidants present in it.Sesame oil makes ideal massage oil because of its excellent emollient properties.

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