D2D Superior Corn Flour 500 GM

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D2D Superior Corn Flour
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Super Cock Corn Flour 1 Kg
Super Cock Corn Flour : Corn flour is made from finely grounded dried corn (maize) kernels. This pale yellow flour is traditionally used in Northern Indian. Corn Flour is used in the making of Rotis, Bread, Puddings, Cookies, Custard, Cakes and also in the curries for the flavour and taste. Corn flour is rich in fiber and daily intake of fibrous food keeps your digestive system healthy, relieving you from problems such as constipation and other gastric ailments. Corn flour can be easily used instead of wheat flour by those who are allergic to gluten. It is a rich source of vitamins, which are essential for the growth and protection of the body from illness and disease. It protects the heart and prevents anemia.

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