Dust pan 1 PC

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Dust pan
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Dustpan 1 Piece
Dustpan : A dustpan, the small version of which is also known as a "half brush and shovel", is a cleaning utensil. The dustpan alone is commonly used in combination with a brooms or long brush. The small dustpan may appear to be a type of flat scoop. Though often hand-held for home use, industrial and commercial enterprises use a hinged variety on the end of a stick to allow the user to stand instead of stoop while using it. Handheld dustpans may be used with either a full-size brooms or with a smaller whisk brooms or a brush sometimes called a duster. This second combination may be sold as one unit. A variant on the dustpan is the silent butler, a handheld, lidded dustpan.

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Dust pan

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