Everest Chole Masala 100 Gm

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Everest Chole Masala
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Everest Chole Masala 100 Gm
Everest Chole Masala : Everest Chole Masala is a blend of more than 24 pure spices. Everest Chole Masala gives an evenly balanced taste and flavour to chole, made from chickpeas. Everest Chole Masala gives an extraordinary flavor and aroma to the dish called chana masala or chole masala in the Indian subcontinent. USAGE: Used almost invariably in a variety of preparations involving chickpeas - chole being the most popular. Served hot with rotis or fluffy bhaturas, chole is a regular fare for lunch and dinner in North India. Dried red chili peppers, Dried Garlic, Ginger powder, Sesame, Mustard seeds, Turmeric, Coriander, Bay leaves, Star anise and Fennel etc.

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