Everest Kashmirilal Chilly Powder 100 Gm

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Everest  Kashmirilal Chilly Powder
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Everest Kashmirilal Chilly Powder 100 Gm
Everest Kashmirilal Chilly Powder : Fine ground red chillies of the finest quality distinguished by their brilliant red colour and mild pungency. Chilli is a heating spice and comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and degrees of pungency. Chilli is America's most important contribution to the world of spices, though today it is one of India's major export attractions. USAGE : Chillies are used in Indian dishes for their hot taste and reddish colour. Red chilli ground together with coconut gives curry a firm texture. Chillies are a great source of vitamin C and good for digestion. Get a pack of Everest Kashmiri Lal for a truly spicy and deliciously yummy experience.

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