Dabur Honey 100 GM

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Dabur Honey
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Dabur Honey 100 Gm
Dabur Honey : Deemed as a top health food across the globe, Dabur Honey is a wonderful creation. The health properties of this thick golden liquid have been valued since ages. Raw honey is filtered & cleaned of impurities such as dust, pollen and wax at state-of-the-art facilities. Entire process is mechanized and untouched by hands to ensure hygienic conditions. Dabur Honey conforms strictly with all statutory requirements of Agmark, the PFA and international norms for purity. Honey aso helps to cure cough and throat irritations No Preservatives, No added Sugar, No artificial flavours in Dabur Honey to give you 100% pure honey. With its natural sweetness, Switch to Dabur Honey for a fitter and healthier life.

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