Parachute Plain Coconut Hair Oil 250 ML

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Parachute Plain Coconut Hair Oil
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Parachute Plain Coconut Hair Oil 500 Ml
Parachute Plain Coconut Hair Oil : PARACHUTE PURE COCONUT HAIR OIL is one of the oldest and the most popular hair oils n India. This has been used since years by our grandparents, parents and now by us. I have always seen at least one bottle of this PARACHUTE HAIR OIL in my home at some point or the other. Normally there is one in each specially in winters when this miracle hair oil is not only used on hair but also on skin because of its nourishing and moisturizing properties. I remember once when I was suffering from BODY ITCHING in winters, my family doctor told me to apply PURE COCONUT OIL all over the body after bath on damp skin and since then I started using it on my skin as well in winters and never suffered from itching after that. This time again while using this wonderful 100% PURE COCONUT OIL on my skin and hair.

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