D2D Superior Varagu Arisi 500 GM

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D2D Superior Varagu Arisi
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D2D Superior Varagu Arisi 500 Gm
Varagu Arisi : Organic Varagu millets contain high amounts of polyphenols, an antioxidant compound, they also has high on fibre, low on fat. Varagu millets are good for diabetes. Varagu Millet Rice can be used to prepare everything that one makes with paddy rice - all the biryanis, pulavs, mixed rices, etc. Varagu Millet is very rich in dietary fibre and protein and it is a good substitute for paddy rice while preparing South Indian dishes such as Bisibele baath and Vangi baath.Cooking time for Varagu is same as paddy rice. Like all other millets Kodo (Varagu) is no different. Varagu is rich in protien, fiber and minerals and vitamins. Varagu millet has around 11% protein, and the nutritional value of the protein has been found to be slightly better than that of foxtail millet but comparable to that of other small millets. Nutritional value of Varagu per serving(100gms) Protein(g) - 8.3, Fiber(g)  9, Minerals(g) - 2.6, Iron(mg) - 0.5. The fiber content of the whole grain is very high.

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