Pepsodent Gum Expert + ToothBrush 1 Pc

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Pepsodent Gum Expert + ToothBrush
Brand Pepsodent
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Pepsodent Gum Expert + ToothBrush 1 Piece
Pepsodent Gum Expert + ToothBrush : Get a fresh breath and bright smile with pepsodent center fresh toothpaste. It helps fight tooth cavities and decay with the specially designed formula of this toothpaste. The protective elements in this toothpaste help prevent plaque formation and gum sensitivity. With a fresh flavor, the toothpaste gives an everlasting fresh and clean breath. Regular use of this toothpaste results in lesser bacteria and germ formation. + Designed with expertise, the toothbrush lets you clean most difficult areas of your mouth with ease. It gently removes lodged food particles, so that your mouth remains healthy and also cleans out spots and stains from your teeth to make them pearly white. It helps to provide you a clean and long-lasting fresh breath each time you brush. This toothbrush cleanses your tongue effectively, thus keeping your entire mouth healthy and fresh all the time.

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