D2D Superior Ragi 500 Gm

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D2D Superior Ragi
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D2D Superior Ragi 500 Gm
Ragi : Ragi as commonly known is regularly used in the South kitchens. It's in fact the staple diet in many villages across South India. Ragi malt porridge is made from finger millet which is soaked and shadow dried, then roasted and ground. This preparation is boiled in water and given to children, patients, adults, etc. This is a good substitute for milk powder-based beverages. It is rich source of minerals like iron, calcium and thiamine. It is one of the most excellent Health food for controlling diabetes and reducing weight and a cooling the body. Calories: 286 kcal Total fat: 2 g Sodium: 5 mg Monounsaturated 1 g Potassium: 0 mg Protein: 8 g Dietary Fiber: 3 g. A dish famous in the Southern states of India which is consumed with Sambhar, Dal, Non Vegetarian or Vegetarian curries. Ragi is also used in making of breads and batter for dosas. The ragi flour is usually made into chappatis or rotis and served with vegetables.

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