Ponds Sandal Talcum Powder 100 Gm

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Ponds Sandal Talcum Powder
Brand Ponds
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Ponds Sandal Talcum Powder 100 Gm
Ponds Sandal Talcum Powder : Mesmerize everyone with your subtle fragrance when you use Pond s Sandal Talcum Powder. This powder, with it's essential sandalwood aroma is designed to keep feeling soothed and fresh for a long time. Its silky texture is easy to apply and is highly effective. This powder keeps you feeling dry and clean even during sultry days of the summer season and its sandalwood fragrance will protect you against body odors. The powder is multipurpose as it also comes with Sun Protection formula. You can use this powder to protect your skin against harmful effects of UV rays. It also helps to conserve and restore the natural glow of your skin. Buy the Pond s Sandal Talcum Powder now!

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