Dettol Sensitive Hand Wash 215 Ml

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Dettol Sensitive Hand Wash
Brand Dettol
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Dettol Sensitive Hand Wash 215 Ml
Dettol Sensitive Hand Wash : Dettol is a brand that is synonymous with trust and protection in India. Dettol has become an integral part of almost every Indian household. Dettol hand wash carries forward all the characteristics and strength of the brand in every possible way. Dettol skin care hand wash has been specially formulated for everyday use. It fights the growth of bacteria and germs and leaves your hands feeling clean and fresh. The moisturisers formulated into the Dettol skin care hand wash leave your hand feeling soft and supple. It is especially useful to children, who need maximum protection against diseases in their years of growth. Also, since the soap is never in contact with external agencies prior to its release ,it is 100% effective every single time.

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