Aachi Cumin Powder 50 GM

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Aachi Cumin Powder
Brand Aachi
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Aachi Cumin Powder 50 Gm
Aachi Cumin Powder : Aachi Cumin powder is generally added in Indian food like lentils, vegetables, pulaos, raitas, etc. Jeera powder gives a nice flavor and taste to the food. Aachi Cumin Power - The best quality cumin is selected from the field, cleaned, powdered and packed hygienically. The Packing is tamper proof that helps to increase the shelf life and keep the aroma for long time. Many Indians can't think of summer days with a dash of nutty-flavoured cumin powder in their buttermilk. Even the Egyptians have used cumins for the "mummification" process. It's a common ingredient in an Indian kitchen. It has a rich culinary history behind it. Store in an airtight container to preserve the aroma.

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