Revive Instant Starch 200 Gm

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Revive Instant Starch
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Revive Instant Starch 200 Gm
Revive Instant Starch : Revive Instant Starch it provides the ease and convenience of cold-water starching. Unlike other starches, it can be used on whites as well as on colored fabrics. Revive liquid stiffener adds life to your cottons and makes them soft and fresh. It is an easy and convenient way to starch your cottons. Gives a crisp look to the clothes; Instant cold water starching; Does not leave patches on coloured clothes; Gentle on clothes. Makes your clothes 30 percent stiffer as compared to earlier & other methods of starching & 99 percent bacteria free. Safe to use in washing machines. New Revive, formulated with the latest international technology to become better than before.

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