Pril Dish Wash Bar 400 GM

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Pril Dish Wash Bar
Brand Pril
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Pril Dish Wash Bar 400 Gm
Pril Dish Wash Bar : Bring home Pril Dish Wash Bar and make an end of the stubborn stains that often occupies your vessels or dishes. Pril Dish Wash Bar have been in focus mainly because of its capacity to neutralize unwanted odour and bring hard clean to your dishes. They are also best known for high grease-dissolving power. Pril bar delivers the double action of Lime + Vinegar. Lime degreases and removes the burnt marks while Vinegar removes the residual food odour, thus it cleans your vessels completely. Therefore Pril Clean = Full Clean. For complete cleaning of your vessels, pick a bar of Pril Lime Dish Wash. This bar has the double action of lime and vinegar. Lime fights the tough grease and burnt marks, while the vinegar removes all the residual food odour. Taking excellent care of your dishes, this bar is undoubtedly the best choice. Pick one now.

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