Harpic Toilet Cleaner 600 Ml

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Harpic Toilet Cleaner
Brand Harpic
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Harpic Toilet Cleaner 500 Ml
Harpic Toilet Cleaner : Harpic the ultimate one stop solution for all your toilet cleaning needs. This also helps fight odour and any unpleasant smell in and around the toilet. Harpic toilet cleaner is many times better than the ordinary bleach, acid and phenyl, when it comes to cleaning, fragrance as well as germ kill. Regular use of Harpic toilet cleaner prevents the build-up of stains in the toilet bowl and keeps it visibly clean with effective removal of germs in the toilet. Harpic is available in various sizes and fragrances including: Orange and Rose. Harpics strategically bent bottleneck shape lets you pour the liquid into deep corners under the toilet rim, without letting your hands touch.

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