Exo Dish Wash Bar 300 GM

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Exo Dish Wash Bar
Brand Exo
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Exo Dish Wash Bar 300 Gm
Exo Dish Wash Bar : Exo Dish Shine Bar makes your vessels fragrant and removes stain. Exo Dish Shine Bar not only cleanes your utensils, but also protects them from bacteria and harmful germs. It is fortified with powerful anti-bacterial agents and kills disease causing bacteria that enters your food through the contamination of vessels. The powerful formula removes sticky oil stains, grime and stubborn burnt food residues from utensils and makes them safe and sparkling. The fast action formula with the hyper-cleaning technology quickly removes the toughest of stains and makes your vessels shine like never before. This dish wash bar is made in such a way that it does not create itching or pealing of your skin.

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