D2D Superior Kasuri Methi 250 GM

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D2D Superior Kasuri Methi
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D2D Superior Kasuri Methi 250 Gm
Kasuri Methi : Dried Fenugreek Leaves are also known as Kasuri Methi. Dried fenugreek leaves are slightly bitter and have an exotic flavor and unforgettable aroma. Fenugreek tastes great in vegetable curries and also in baked breads. The dried leaves are often sprinkled over the top of vegetable and meat dishes just before serving. Kasuri Methi a unique flavour giver to curries, dals, vegetable preparations. Kasoori methi also known as Fenugreek herb is an excellent taste enhancer. If consumed twice a day, it cleans the intestines and directs the waste out of the body naturally.

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