Domex Toilet Cleaner 500 Ml

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Domex Toilet Cleaner
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Domex Toilet Cleaner 500 Ml
Domex Toilet Cleaner : Kills all disease causing toilet germs. Bleach-based disinfectant toilet cleaner. Ensures a visibily cleaner toilet. Effective removal of tough stains in toilet bowl. A cleaning product must for your toilet. When used undiluted kills germs which include bacteria, virus and fungi. Domex toilet cleaner not only gives you a clean & shiny toilet but also kills all germs and thereby safeguards your family. Toilet germs may spread and cause diseases like Jaundice, Diarrhoea, Swine Flu and Typhoid. While ordinary toilet cleaners may be ineffective in tackling this, Domex Toilet Cleaner eradicates all disease-causing germs. Available in zero stain and original bleach variants.

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