Vim ULTRA Dish Wash Powder 1 KG

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Vim ULTRA Dish Wash Powder
Brand Vim
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Vim ULTRA Dish Wash Powder 1 Kg
Vim ULTRa Dish Wash Powder : Vim ULTRa Dish Washing Powder is enriched with the power of lemons combined with a unique formula designed to pry away grease in one easy wipe. Just put some water in a box, add some powder and once the foam is formed, use it for cleaning. Key Features: Cleans dishes easily. Use the very effective and useful Vim ULTRa Dish wash Powder. It is strong and powerful enough to beat the degreasing or toughest stains and lubricants from your utensils. A pinch of Vim ULTRa Dish wash Powder is enough to bring the sparkling cleanliness to your used dishes and vessels. The use of premium quality ingredients ensure the safety of the skin and will cause no skin irritation. All these make this dish wash powder an ideal choice for every house hold.

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