Aachi Coriander Powder 50 Gm

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Aachi Coriander Powder
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Aachi Coriander Powder 100 Gm
Aachi Coriander Powder : Coriander Powder from Aachi which delivers an enticing flavor and aroma in food. Just sprinkle some in your dishes while cooking. Coriander powder is extracted from coriander seeds, hence the nutrient values retains in the powder form too. Aachi sources best quality coriander seeds from the potential growing regions of India  Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. The entire coriander lot undergoes quality checks for compliance to Aachi Food Safety Specifications. Quality approved lots are pulverized using Cold Grinding Technology (Germany). This technology helps to retain characteristics aroma, taste and colour of coriander powder at its best. This coriander powder is packed in air tight and tamper-proof pouch to ensure good quality till it reaches consumer s kitchen.The widest and most loved range of spice powders and spice mixes from South India.

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