D2D Superior Jathi Pathiri 500 GM

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D2D Superior Jathi Pathiri
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D2D Superior Jathi Pathiri 50 Gm
 Javithri is used in recipes which are delicately flavored. Javithri consists of the necessary oils, which gives out its peculiar rich aroma and a strong, warm taste. It's mildly sweet taste is commonly used in infusions.Chutneys and Pickles are also generally spiced with javithri. It is used sparingly in sauces, soups, desserts, meats, fish, and Moghul dishes. It contributes to flavoring light-colored cakes and pastries, especially doughnuts. Javantri aids digestion and also stimulates the appetite. It can help relieve tiredness and fatigue and is a good tonic. It can help clear up digestive tract infections and it can reduce vomiting, nausea and general stomach uneasiness.

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