Beetroot 250 GM

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Beetroot 250 Gm
Beetroot : Beetroot Popularly called Beets, these veggies are famous for their luscious colour. Mix a little bit of beet (the pun!) with thayir saadam and float in the pink heaven! Did you know that an average-sized beet contains 20 times more dietary nitrates than any vegetable? Dietary nitrate lowers blood pressure, and are tremendously good for your heart. The purple colored vegetable, Beetroot is consumed as a vegetable sabji to eat along with rice or rotis. Beetroot is sliced into pieces to have it as a salad. Beetroot juice is consumed to maintain robust health. It helps in reducing Homocysteine which is harmful to the blood vessels, since it possesses folate and manganese. Beetroot is also used in the preparation of soups and pickles.

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