D2D Superior Elakkai 50 Gm

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D2D Superior Elakkai
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D2D Superior Elakkai 50 Gm
Elakkai/Cardamom : Cardamom has a strong, unique taste, with an intensely aromatic, resinous fragrance. Black cardamom has a distinctly more smokey, though not bitter, aroma, with a coolness some consider similar to mint.It is a common ingredient in Indian cooking.In Asia both types of cardamom are widely used in both sweet and savory dishes, particularly in the south. Chewing pods may also be used as a digestive and mouth freshener.Cardamoms or popularly called as Elaichi are used in the preparation Non-vegetarian and several other vegetarian dishes for aroma and taste. They are widely used in Desserts such as Kheer, Porridge, Halwa, Ice Creams and many other sweets. They are often used as an ingredient in hot beverages like Coffee, Tea and Milk and in cold bevergaes like Lassi, Shrikhand and Flavoured Milk for an pleasantly aromatic taste and flavour.

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