D2D Superior Red Vellam 500 Gm

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D2D Superior Red Vellam
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D2D Superior Red Vellam 500 Gm
Red Vellam/Jaggery : Jaggery is extracted from sugarcane and is considered to be the best substitute of natural sugar. It is also used in few of the curries or Biryani for a slight touch of sweetness. Jaggery is golden brown coloured, salty sugary tasting, spongy textured, unrefined cane sugar prepared from boiling down sugarcane juice. It is considered to be one of the healthiest forms of sugar. It contains good amounts of minerals such as iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, manganese and selenium. One of the most well-known benefits of jaggery is its ability to purify the blood. When consumed on a regular basis and in limited quantities, it cleanses the blood, leaving your body healthy.

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