D2D Superior Dry Chilli 250 Gm

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D2D Superior Dry Chilli
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D2D Superior Dry Chilli 250 Gm
Dry Chilli : Originating from South India, the Sanam variety of Chillies are long and fat. They have a dark red color and a hot flavor. The heat level of these chillies can be reduced by slitting them in the middle and removing the seeds. With a hot, peppery flavour and distinctly pungent aroma, red chillies are used popularly to prepare many yummy dishes. They also add colour to the food, thereby making it look more appealing. Similar to the regular chillies, this variety of Chillies yet have a fiery and spicy hot taste in them which is generally used in the delicacies like Dal varieties and spicy salsa sauce.

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