Sakthi Idly Powder 50 Gm

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Sakthi Idly Powder
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Sakthi Idly Powder 50 Gm
Sakthi Idly Powder : A dry chutney ideal for idli/dosa, which looks delicious and colourful. This is a mixture of lentils and spices that is mixed with ghee, coconut oil or sesame oil to be used as a dip. It is most commonly eaten as a condiment with idli, dosa, poori or chapati. Ingredients: gram dal, black gram dal, chili, sesame seed, salt, asafoetida, garlic, curry leaf and refined peanut (groundnut) oil. A traditional South Indian cuisines, this delicious traditional breakfast now is ready to to be served within no time to get your stomach filled. Add a few drops of ghee or oil, and your a tasty chutney is ready in less than a minute.

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