Bru Instant Coffee Powder Jar - 100 Gm*2 200 GM

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Bru Instant Coffee Powder Jar - 100 Gm*2
Brand BRU
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Bru Instant Coffee Powder Jar 200 Gm
Bru Instant Jar : New and improved Bru Coffee now comes to you with a greater aroma and taste. In a blend that combines convenience and tradition to give you a truly aromatic cup of coffee. With a taste so enhanced, that it makes every moment a special moment. Bru Instant coffee is a blend of 70% coffee and 30% Chicory, a perennial plant. The taste that has been, and will be the favorite of coffee lovers for years. Experience the ultimate taste of filter coffee at its very best. It is the perfect indulgence when you want to slow down and discover something new about your loved ones over a cup of BRU.

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