Sakthi Curry Masala 50 Gm

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Sakthi Curry Masala
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Sakthi Curry Masala 50 Gm
Sakthi Curry Masala : Sakthi Curry Masala Powder is nothing but a spice powder similar to Garam Masala Powder or chicken masala powder etc. This is not too strong n spicy like Garam Masala powder but gives lots of flavor n unique taste to your dishes. We can use this spice powder in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cooking. Fragrant & flavorful. It has an aromatic. It gives unique taste. Not too spicy. Can be used for veg and non-veg. Ingredients: Coriander, chilli, pepper, corn aniseed, salt, turmeric, poppy seed, cinnamon, staranise, clove, curryleaf, cardamom, refined groundnut oil.

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