Sakthi Bajji Bonda Mix 200 Gm

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Sakthi Bajji Bonda Mix
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Sakthi Bajji Bonda Mix 200 Gm
Sakthi Bajji Bonda Mix : Bajji Bonda powder is used as a coating for deep-fried snacks that include onion, potato, banana or eggplants. Bajji Bonda powder is a mix of gram flour (besan), rice flour, salt, chilli powder, sodium bi-carbonate and asafoetida. Box contains recipes for both Bajji and Bonda. Bajji, Bonda, Pakoda & Vada are the most popular tea time snacks recipes in India especially South India. Most of us make these crispy, deep fried delicacies during weekends or for guests as evening snacks.

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