Porna lamp Oil 250 ML

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Porna lamp Oil
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Porna lamp Oil 250 Ml
Porna lamp Oil : PORNA Pooja oil is developed from a blend of unique combination of five traditional holy oils (Panja Deepa oil) with divine sandal fragrance used by wise ancestral sages from time in memories. The combination of Panja Deepa Oil is Castor Oil, Mohua oil. Gingelly oil, Coconut oil & Rice Bran oil. The benefits of this Panja Deepa oil is Castor oil gives Carisma, Mohua oil helps in spiritual well being, Gingelly oil keeps in balance of physical, mental harmony, Coconut oil leads to peaceful and blissful life. Rice bran oil provides health and prosperity. PORNA Pooja oil spreads a sandal fragrance at home and temples when lit up. Burns bright and doesn't emit smoke. Doesn't produce allergy and irritation on using.

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