Aachi Gulab Jamun Mix 200 Gm

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Aachi Gulab Jamun Mix
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Aachi Gulab Jamun Mix 200 Gm
Aachi Gulab Jamun Mix : Aachi Gulab Jamun Mix , is a special sweet of all times that contains Maida, skimmed Milk Powder. Edible, vegetable fats. Method of preparation: Add measure of water to one portion of Aachi gulab jamun Mix and mix gently to smooth lump free dough. Set aside for 5-7 minutes. Make small balls (100 gms mix-20 to 25 balls) deep fry in oil or ghee in low flame, until deep golden brown and drop them into sugar syrup. Soak till the jamuns absorb the sugar syrup and becomes soft and smooth. Sugar Syrup  measure 400 gms of sugar ( 100gm jamun mix) and mix with equal quantity of water, boil for 15 minutes.Add rose essence or cardamom powder as desired. Ready in 3 easy steps. 100 percent vegetarian. No preservatives.

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