D2D Superior White Vellam 500 Gm

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D2D Superior White Vellam
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D2D Superior White Vellam 500 Gm
White Vellam/Jaggery : White Vellam/Jaggery is made of the products of sugarcane and the date palm tree. The sugar made from the sap of the date palm is both more prized and less commonly available outside of the regions where it is made. It is also used in few of the curries or Biryani for a slight touch of sweetness. This pure jaggery lump is made by taking sugar cane juice and boiling all the water content out. The remaining brown sugar liquid is then strained and placed in molds to cool. The Kohlapuri variety of jaggery is the most flavorful of all jaggerys and adds a subdued sweet flavor to all Indian curries. Just use a knife to shave off the required amount for your dish.

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