D2D Superior Broken Ulutham paruppu 100 Gm

D2D Superior Broken Ulutham paruppu
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D2D Superior Broken Ulutham paruppu 100 Gm
Broken Ulutham paruppu : A kind of savoury doughnut which is further consumed with chutneys and sambhar. Urad dal is also used in making of Papads that is served along with Sambar and rice in South India. Apart from these dishes, Urad Dal is used in the preparation Dal Makhani, a popular North Indian dish that tastes awesome when accompanied with Rotis or Rice.This is urad split without shells. Often called white gram, these creamy white lentils are used in purees and soups. They are also the special ingredient added to flours to make breads, dosa (crepes), idlis (steamed cakes) and sweets. No soaking is required.

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